Gustavia, Saint Barthelemy, French West Indies, France

Project: Construction of a performance hall, a parking lot, and a cyclone shelter of Gustavia, Saint Barthelemy
Program: A multipurpose performance hall of 384 seats, 170 parking lots and a cyclone shelter
Project team: Parc architectes (Mandatory) — AIP (associates architects) — FCS (scenograph) / ITC (structure) / INEX (environnement) / BMF (economy) / PEUTZ & associates (acoustics)

Client: City of Gustavia, local community of Saint Barthelemy
Status: Competition 2019


The island of Saint-Barthélemy is a rock in the ocean. These contrasts make it an exception, an irresistible and indomitable place. The performance hall, built directly on the rock, is inscribed in the hill like a natural amphitheater. His body is made of gray and blue stone. Under the building buried in the ground, the car park has two levels. Between rue Oscar II and rue de la paix, a shank leads to the entrance.



A large roof parallel to the slope extends over the stone construction. This section of roof flies over the city. It hosts a stone promontory embracing all of Gustavia, its harbor and the horizon. It is reached by an architectural walk which climbs the hillside, slides between the roof and the slope and leads into the sky. The belvedere can host a multitude of events. At nightfall, the roof lights up announcing the shows being played there. The end of the roof covers rue de la Paix. It protects the facade and the forecourt from the sun and rain. Low, it lines up with neighboring buildings so as not to dominate the street. Stretched towards the horizon, it seems weightless in the city.



After being greeted in the entrance hall on the ground floor, spectators take a majestic double helix staircase to reach the foyer on the first floor. They are then right above the roofs of the city and can contemplate it from the balconies.
In this mineral body of stone and metal was installed a performance hall dressed in wood. Taking the spirit of the traditional braiding of the island.

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