Today's garden cities?

In its first issue, the PRAGMA team tackled the subject of suburban housing by reinterpreting the garden city model.
Over the course of the review, the survey explores the garden cities of Paris Metropole to understand their theoretical foundations and their evolution to the present day.

The experiment attempts to propose their updating in the face of urban challenges and current lifestyles.

PRAGMA, Research papers in practical architecture

PRAGMA is the publication in the form of research papers of theoretical work carried out by the agency Parc architectes.


Above all, constructed as a pragmatic tool for reflection, the editorial content brings together a survey and experiments. With these principles in mind, PRAGMA will open its next issues to collaboration because research is built through debate.

PRAGMA is not a review of critical architecture, nor a university research notebook, PRAGMA is located betwit and between.

Its purpose is to expose the practice in an agency by placing it in the debate. PRAGMA assumes and integrates a view of practicing architects with what it includes dead ends, unfinished business and potential developments.


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