Project: Competition for an community center
Program: Day nursery, music studios, dance and sports halls, exhibition spaces, families hall
Project team: PARC Architectes (Representative) — TPFI (Technical)
Client: City of Rennes
Status: Competition 2018


The Blosne pavilion is designed as an evolving building that is constantly adapting and evolving. Its light construction of sails and frame makes it interact with the atmospheric variations and the uses of its occupants. Its modular ceilings allow you to adapt the moods to activities and program changes. Like the green reed which bends in the wind and doesn't break. Its sustainability is ensured by its capacity for adaptation and evolution.



A plain structure of superimposed plateaus, the project exposes residents and passers-by to the wealth of activities and exchanges that take place in Blosne. Humble shape that, at first glance, structures the corner of the new structuring streets planned by the urban project. The pavilion then reveals its dancing poles and its active interior. By rising in the corolla of trees, the project highlights the ground returned to pedestrians.



The frame design of the pavilion makes it possible to release large trays for all of the centre's activities. Modular ceilings bring together all of the atmosphere management systems and regularly screened facades complete the system to make the building scalable and adaptable. Outside, corrugated perforated metal sails are attached to protect the glazing from overheating. Inside, the curtains allow you to separate the spaces, adjust the acoustics or adjust the light.



The associative center of Blosne will bring together many activities and associations. It’s a place where we meet but also where everyone finds room for synergies to operate. The organization of the building can easily change during its design and even after its conception so that everyone can find it. In this first version, the activities are grouped by theme. On the ground floor, the activities of large groups, on the mezzanine the exhibition and relaxation rooms, on the 1st the offices then the youth area, on the 3rd the sports and on the terrace the early childhood. Each plateau adapts to its occupants and changes the center.

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