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 Parc architectes designs environmental systems.

Reinterrogating vernacular forms such as the patio, the shaded area or the wind tower, the agency develops an architecture built around the elementary relationships between the inhabitants and their environment.

Brice Chapon and Émeric Lambert created the office Parc architectes in 2009.
As architects of environments, they design from theory to implementation, from large to small scale, for both public and private commissions.

Émeric Lambert's reflections on the environment focused on the suburban city, leading to the work "Le Parc Planétaire, la fabrication de l'environnement suburbain" (The Planetary Park, the making of the suburban environment). Then, questioning architectural design, the studio published "Architecture as Environment".

Engaged in teaching and research, Brice Chapon teaches at the Strasbourg School of Architecture and Émeric Lambert at the Versailles School of Architecture where he chairs the Pedagogical and Scientific Committee.

Parc architectes has been awarded several prizes: 'AJAP' French Young Architects 2012, European prize list 40 under 40, Prize Archicontemporaine, nomination for the Prize de l'équerre d'Argent (Silver Square) for the first completation.

The studio's publications have also been praised: our fanzine Crapzine is included in the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur Regional Council's collection (Frac PACA), and the studio's monograph - "Architecture as Environment" - has been awarded by the Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2019 prize.