Project: Rehabilitation of an old factory into an office building and activities
Site: 141 avenue des Grésillons, 92230 Gennevilliers
Client: Hertel Investissement
Photos: Thomas Lang / Julien Lanoo
Status: Completed (2017)


The MPR factory, built in Gennevilliers in 1949, manufactured rotary tire machines. The project aims to restructure this industrial building, part of the city’s heritage, into an office and business building. We offer a simple and economical solution to adapt the spaces of this factory-workshop to new tertiary uses, while highlighting the architectural principles that led to the original construction. The reinforced concrete building is based on an efficient pole/beam structure designed to be able to be laid. This constructive principle made it possible to raise the building twice in the 1950s. It is on this logic of "capable structure" that we support our proposal to write a new page in the history of this building and to participate to the creation of the second generation of the city. 


The intervention focuses on the facades. Large windows, originally intended for industrial activities, are subdivided to facilitate the partitioning of interior spaces. By subdividing the existing constructive frame, the new windows give the building its office building status. The windows are subdivided with vertical mullions. They are equipped with white aluminum chassis to increase the coefficient of natural light in the office spaces and prevent from thermal bridges. Positioned in the upper part of the window, aluminium sunshades protects the occupants from too much direct lighting and optimizes the working atmosphere.


The subdivision of the glass surfaces by the mullions reduces the amount of glazing and improves the insulation. The racks are fitted with aluminum chassis with thermal bridge breakers. All the joinery is white to diffuse the light in the offices and to increase the coefficient of natural light.