Project: Extension of the French Lycée Victor Hugo of Frankfurt

Program: 250-seat cultural hall, gymnasium, outdoor sports ground and educational garden
Project team: Parc architectes (Mandatory) - MIND AC (Associated architects)
Client: The Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), Lycée Français Victor Hugo de Francfort (LFVH)
Status: Competition 2019



The project, embedded in the ground, blends into the landscape. The future buildings are installed at the same level as the establishment below the natural site. Two long ramps provide access from street level to that of the entrance on the nursery side. A tree-lined square on which the new rooms give access to the sports field and the school thus becomes a new place of welcome on the site.



The two new pieces of equipment are in the ground and form two separate volumes. Installed in natural terrain, the constructions are designed using the traditional adobe technique. The structures of the buildings are constructed of wood. The walls are then assembled by assembling prefabricated earth wall modules in the workshop. The roofs are vegetated. Buildings can be erected in two phases. The construction of the building, essentially designed in prefabricated elements, reduces inconvenience for the neighborhood: shorter site, fewer machines on site, less dust and less noise. Virtuous and ecological construction in raw earth will be an opportunity to make it an exemplary and educational site.



In addition to the performance hall and sports facilities, the project proposes to integrate a third activity with an educational garden. The cultural hall, with its retractable bleachers and its level stage, can accommodate a multitude of activities. It is lit zenithally at the top of the side walls. The soil that makes up the walls ensures good natural humidity. The similarly designed sports hall is lit at the top of the north facade by a large glass wall and protected by a metal grating. The additional functions of the two rooms are positioned on their sides on the ground floor.
The surroundings of the constructions are treated in a landscaped manner. The parking areas are paved with grass. The educational garden starts from the forecourt by a small pool of water fed by rainwater and runs along the climb to the sports field. The different activities brought together in the project will make it a unique and intense place for the Lycee Victor Hugo.