Monograph edited for the agency's 10th anniversary. Awarded by The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2019

To circulate in the book, we have used the notion of the environment as an exploration vessel, starting from the largest (the Cosmos) to reach the smallest (the Atom). This book invites you on a journey. Designed as a long scrolling column, it can be read from start to finish or in fragments. It is one more stone in the construction of an architectural paradigm which poses the environment as 'matiera prima'.

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Launch october: 2019
Language: french, english
Size: 235 × 335 × 15 mm
Pages: 88 p.
ISNN: 978–3–03860–150–0
Print: 1300 copies
Graphic: design Müesli
Printing: Graphius
Publication: Park Books
Diffusion: Park Books
Price: 38 euros


Architecture as Environment. Parc architectes

Paris is Transforming

This slender, large-format book with a blue hardcover from Parc architectes (Paris) draws the reader into an attractive flow of image and text that presents the firm’s buildings and projects in the broader contexts of cosmology and the environment. It begins on the beige endpaper with an introductory text in a large typeface that looks as if it has been designed for a pocket book. The 80 pages that follow are neatly structured into chapters that lead thematically downwards from the cosmos via the atmosphere to the Earth’s inhabitants and thence to the ground. Within the chapters, however, things become a little less clear-cut, with images of various kinds and blocks of text in differing sizes combined freely within a grid on each double page. The effect is less of a book intended to be read in linear fashion than of a website from which the reader can pick and choose elements to view and read. Everything is energised yet subtle in many details. The commitment and enjoyment of everyone involved is tangible. This is one of several unusual architecture publications in this year’s competition, and a testimony to the current transformative mood in French graphic design.

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