Bordeaux, France

Project: Construction of the schools of Brazza neighborhood in Bordeaux
Program: Nursery and elementary school, leisure center, cafeteria, gymnasium
Project team: Parc architectes (Representative) —
EGIS Bâtiment Sud-Ouest Bet TCE

Client: City of Bordeaux

Status: Competition 2019



The Meyzieu Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Art settles in the landscape of Lyon Metropole like a monolith raised on its four angles. It is a large mineral screen stretched over seventy meters which establishes a forecourt in front of the tram stop. Both massive and light, the project takes place between the ground and the sky and plays with the sun. Under the uplifting of its northern facade, a transparency lets glimpse a bright patio and a garden in the background. It is an invitation to walk through the doors of the conservatory, a desire to discover one's heart, the staging of which in Meyzieu station square suggests the intensity of light. With this heady figure as a refrain, it is the first stone of a cultural pole dedicated to the music which takes shape. In the future, the conservatory could extend its reach to the department and even to the region by offering lessons in theater and dance.


The project is a mineral volume which ensures the acoustic quality of the equipment. The mass isolates the rooms from outside noise and in turn protects the neighborhood. The building takes place on a sandblasted concrete forecourt punctuated by trees. It is like a bosket in which there is a clearing. The facade of the conservatory being oriented to the north, it is through a patio that the sun enters the heart of the building to form a courtyard protected from street noise. Open to the sky, the courtyard is a privileged place to meet, gather, exchange, wait or organize shows. The course around the central void distributes the entire conservatory. The auditorium is positioned at the salient angle of the building, the contemporary music room is located opposite the forecourt, the administration is in the middle and upstairs are the work rooms and the space of conviviality. The conservatory courtyard cuts out a piece of the Majolan sky to make it a unique place in municipal cultural life.


Light is the essential material of the architectural project. The forecourt being against the light, the light slides under the facade. It also crosses the large concrete veil through holes which display the name of the conservatory. The sun which enters the heart of the building through the cut-out of the roof projects a disc of light onto the square. When you pass under the entrance arch, you enter the clarity of the patio. The gaze embraces the organization of the conservatory and escapes by transparency until the garden south. Then, we circulate in front of the reception around the courtyard and climb up with a spiral staircase to the floor where the work rooms are located. Designed to promote concentration, these rooms are lit at the top by a soft light from the north. All circulation areas are bathed in natural light. In the evening, the interior light highlights the curves of the conservatory. The lettering in the concrete veil lights up. The bar and patio light up and announce the upcoming show. The tip of the angle between rue de la Gare and rue Lebrun is revealed. The life of the building is punctuated by the oscillations between the sky lights and events lights.