Parc architectes is a Paris based office cofounded in 2009 by Brice Chapon & Emeric Lambert.

In 2012, Parc architectes won the AJAP - Prize for Young Architects and Landscape designers awarded by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication ; and the 40 UNDER 40 European Award in 2014.




Brice Chapon studied at the School of Architecture in Lyon and at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, where he was taught by Patrick Berger and Stefano Boeri.He graduated under the direction of Ines Lamunière in 2003.


The he joined Nicolas Michelin Associés studio in Paris as project manager, and in 2006 became co-director of the architecture pole.


He also worked on private projects. He is certified in Building Environmental Quality (QEB),and teaches at the School of Architecture of Strasbourg (ESAS).


Emeric Lambert is Franco-Swiss. He studied at the INSA in Lyon (Nationnal Institute of Applied Sciences) in Building Engineering and Planning, at the School of Architecture in Lyon and at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne where he was taught by Patrick Berger and Stefano Boeri. He graduated under the direction of Jacques Lucan in 2003.Then he worked as a project manager for Nicolas Michelin Associés studio in Paris. He became independent architect in 2006 and has collaborated with Christian Hauvette, Search and Julien De Smedt / JDS Architects.


He obtained his degree of Doctor in City Sciences from EPFL with his thesis "The Suburban Project: the achieved utopia of prosperity" in 2012, and teaches at the School of Architecture in Versailles.Brice Chapon & Émeric Lambert created PARC Architects studio in 2009 to continue further on their work on environments combining programs and structures.



Marion Mory


Project manager


Florent LKS
Project manager


Juliette Marmonier


Project manager



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Eliot Uginet



Julia Jerome



A very big thanks to all those who have worked with Parc architectes:

Charlotte Guillochon, Kathleen Surena, Rayane Boucherit, Gabrielle Jouy, Amélie Maignan, Florian Chaleroux, Stephan Trouvé, Victor Mesguich, Hannah Turcq, Kim Caliot, Elsa Decosse, Paule Perron, Jeanne Le Bail-collet, Thibaud de Zuttere, Charlotte Ferreux, Quentin Jézégou, Melissa Petit, Auguste Depollier, Charlotte Szeminski, Céline Morlon, Dominique Gagnon, Madina Chingarieva, Flavia Greco, Aude Gérard, Chloé Vanacker, Capucine Legrand, Natacha Ratto, Alex Perret, Camille Landuré, Keyvan Fathi, Bénédicte Valla, Elaine Sanchez, Laure Bunel, Flora Marchand, Gabriel Thomas, Antoine Barth, Nils Gallon, Alexia Roziecki, Antoine Apruzzese, Emmanuelle Esnault, Gabrielle Turcotte, Antoine Brochin, Olympe Rabaté, Romain Fabre, Jacinthe Pesci, Tomasz Szukala, Marc-Antoine Galup, Théo Picard, Ingrid Serey, Thibault Cérèze, Marion Bouquet, Mathilde Taffin, Claire Gaspin, Marie Biaggi, Arnaud Drencourt, Constance Lieurade, Justine Baudier, Dario Cobo Calvo, Vincent De Trazegnies d'Ittre, Léa Bellalou, Aimie Fortin, Pierre Chevallier, Morgane Damez, Mathilde Smolarski, Loïc Morin, Catarina Pereira Godinho, Adrien Piebourg, Erwin Lefoll, Seraina Schwizer, Hannah Logan, Judith Chatain, Cristina Gialain, Navid Ghasemzadeh, Nicolas Wertheimer, Claire Chauvois, Thomas Domenger, Sylvia Clément, Umwang Ri


Hélène Garcia

Head of Communication, Research and Development



Hugo Haenni-Haddad


Project manager


Anna Urbanska

Administrative assistant