Project: Construction of the academy of music and dance in Rungis
Program: Classrooms and rehearsal studios, reception areas, documentation center
Project team: Parc architectes (Representative) — Bollinger + Grohmann (Structure) — Inex (Fluids & Environment) — Peutz & Associés (Acoustic) — Praxys (Landscape) — BMF (Economy)
Client: City of Rungis
Status: Competition 2018

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Starting from the primary structure of the barn, a roof enclosed by walls, the project takes up the logic of the roof, which it offers in large dance and performance spaces, galleries and canopies around gardens. The future building is designed with traditional construction techniques which are part of a sober and ecological way of implementing. The project preserves and integrates the past by reusing the forms of the surrounding roofs. It is part of the village as an extension of its history



Like a farm operating around a courtyard, the establishment is organized around gardens. The majority of the program is thus deployed on the ground floor around green rooms. These gardens, beyond pleasure, have an educational purpose. These parts of nature are designed to help focus, provide fresh air for students and bring the importance of nature back to the classroom.



The roof represents a potential for freedom of use. The barn was formerly able to accommodate the activities of the farm, those of novice aviation and now those of music. The roofs made of materials from the site, wood and zinc, allow to offer a large space for dancing and for other potential cultural activities, gallery spaces for concentrating and welcoming those accompanying students or spectators, awnings allowing you to get some fresh air and organize events in all seasons.

Made of wood, the roofs help create a warm atmosphere, manage the acoustics and regulate humidity.