Project: Auditorium and music conservatory
Program: 220 seats auditorium, natural acoustics, choral singing and music classrooms, exhibition space
Site: 75 avenue Barbusse, 93140 Bondy
Client: Ville de Bondy - Est Ensemble - Séquano Aménagement
Status: Completed 2013
Photos: 11h45

Prize: Nominated for the AMC prize First Building 2014
Winner of the Prix Grand Public Archicontemporaine 2014

Each spaces in the Auditorium Bondy has been designed to generate a specific
acoustic environment.
Take a tour of the building (eyes closed) with Brice Chapon.
(editing, mixing : Emile Rabaté & Amaury Rémusat, from recorded acoustic performances performed in-situ by the artists Valentin Ferré & Aymeric Hainaux)


This auditorium is a new symbol in the suburban city of Bondy. Suburbs have built an empire of shopping malls, individual houses and parking lots. Located on the outskirts of Paris, Bondy has a loose and low-density urban fabric. The architecture of the building plays with the aesthetics of the hangar: a very simple square plan and an undulated metal skin. Unlike a traditional hangar, it opens to its context through a series of arches, letting in natural light and views. Inside, every space has a specific acoustics related to its function and its ambiance.


This building is designed as a simple and robust tool for the Radio France choristers. It is open to appropriation and malleable to use. The box geometry and the undulated metal skin are directly inspired from suburban architecture. These formal choices were made to concentrate financial efforts on the auditorium room and its technical and acoustic facilities.


The unitary aspect of the building houses three different programs: an auditorium, a conservatory and an exhibition space. On the ground floor, several arches lift the undulated metal skin. These arches reveal the auditorium’s entrance, bar, hall and the exhibition space. The lower part of the building expresses the public function of the facility. Second and third floors are protected from the views since they house more private spaces. Located on the upper floors, the choral singing conservatory wraps around the volume of the auditorium. The conservatory is directly accessible to the choristers from the rear of the building.

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