Project: Construction of a new office building on Adidas' campus

(World of Sports - Stage V: Office West)
Program: Office floors, bar-restaurant, meeting spaces, meeting rooms, outsourced units
Client: Adidas Group
Architects: PARC Architectes
Status: International invited competition, ranked 3rd (2014)


The quality of the work is closely linked to its environment. The workplace conditions concentration and inspiration. This project organizes a geography of atmospheres and climates capable of provoking meetings, increasing exchanges and stimulating creativity. Rather than arranging themed sub-spaces in a large building, we rely on architecture to create a variety of interior and exterior atmospheres. Emphasis is placed on freedom of choice and mobility depending on the activities: move around in open space plateaus, meet in vertical hubs, play in pop-up spaces, create in the valley start-up, focus in the meeting hill or revitalize on inside relaxing points.



The building is made up of coiled office plateaus forming three rings of different thicknesses and diameters. The largest of the rings is organized over a width of 18 meters allowing the installation of central spaces on indirect daylight. The two other, thinner rings have a width of 15 and 12 meters for maximum flexibility of arrangements on direct daylight. These 3 typologies of offices are connected to create an infinite space and without a cul-de-sac inviting to mobility. The plateaus intersect at the heart of the complex to form a hub: a place of strong interactions, giving access to the 3 patios and connecting the 4 levels.



We scatter the offices on the site and open them on the landscape. The trays are suspended in the pines. Large full-height glass frames reduce the boundary between the inside and the outside. 'We work in the trees'. The building is naturally tempered by earth air. A heat exchanger circulates outside air under the foundations before it enters the structure of the plateaus through a system of hollow posts to be diffused there. Fresh air arrives in the north posts and exits through the south posts. South facing poles work like solar chimneys. They are hollow and U-shaped. Like in a greenhouse, the air in the poles heats up in the sun and creates a convective movement.