Best of Both 

Project: Lot M9A ZAC Paris Rive Gauche - University of Chicago in Paris - Collective housing
Program: 89 Collective housing, sales units, workshops
Architects: Studio Gang (University of Chicago ) - Parc architectes (Collective housing)

Consultants: OLM (Landscape) - Elioth (Structure & Environment) - Egis (Utilities) – AVLS (Acoustics)
Client: Icade Promotion 
Status: Stage Pro


Long associated with an industrial district, this part of the 13th arrondissement is undergoing rapid change. The ground is an artificial slab created to cover a railway bundle. Today it is a project of stone, terracotta and wood that will rise. He will participate in the reintroduction of land and biodiversity in the neighborhood. The roofs and faults will welcome the other inhabitants of the city which are the flora and fauna. This new environment will weave the natural and the cultural by offering residents, students and neighbors an island of vitality.



The project combines a train station, an international university, family housing, a garden in the heart of the block, shops and activities. It will be a meeting place for teachers, academics, students, residents, neighbors, tourists, visitors and the curious. The vertical university will be a focal point of the neighborhood. Exhibiting on the Grands Moulins street, she will invite Parisians to discover American culture.


The project is designed as a large frame raised above the railroad tracks. Its woven design makes it recyclable, adaptable and resilient to all types of programs. The choice of stone and terracotta coverings echoes the cities of Chicago and Paris. American architects reworked the Paris stone, while the French were inspired by the large Chicago-framed buildings. The projects revisit traditional constructive principles for adapting to today's environmental challenges by providing generous spaces that are both open and protected.

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