A balcony for every window

Project: 68 housing units, shops, ZAC Rouget de l'Isle
Programm: Housing in accession from T1 to T5 commercial space of 232mC

Competition Team: Parc architectes (Architect), Cabinet MGS (Executing architect) - TCE EPDC (Engineering) -

Client: OGIC SA

Photographies: Thomas Lang
Status: Completed 2018


The building is located in Vitry-sur-Seine in the new Rouget de l'Isle district. It is at the corner of the Rouget de l'Isle avenue and the Anselm Rondenay street. The district is structured by green flows which descend on the hillside from the Parc des Lilas. The large building is installed like a pavilion in a large urban park. It is a slightly folded white volume, the top of which follows an epannelage descending from the R + 8 at the street corner to R + 6 to the south. It includes 68 apartments divided into two sets and a store on the ground floor, at the corner of the streets.



Forming a corner stone of the crossroads, the building is installed as a white and luminous volume. On its facades vertical alignments of windows develop in false alignments evoking natural growth from the ground to the sky. The windows open to their full height on the outside. Some are extended by a small balcony. The large living bays are extended on the outside by larger balconies. The railings on the balconies are opalescent. They let in light but hide often unsightly stored objects from the street. The ground floor and the first floor are covered with glazed plaques which follow the overall vertical movement with a density in gradation. Above the building is covered with a fine coating.



The multitude of balconies evokes that of families and individuals. The staggered openings on each floor make all the apartments unique. The small and large balconies that enliven the facade, envelop the volume with a blur, a gauze, a thickness between inside and outside. The balconies are envisioned as suspended park kiosks forming privacy pods. These outdoor spaces extend the floor of the rooms and stretch the space into the atmosphere of the future neighborhood.

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