Project: Competition for Candale-Mehul site, Pantin Inventing the Metropolis of Grand Paris 2
Program: 26 housing units, business premises
Client: Pichet Group
Competition team: Parc architectes, Ecotech Ingenierie, Vizea Environnement BTP Consultants
Status: Competition 2019


Between housing and activities, our project aims to juxtapose uses, bring them together, or even mix them. It is through the theme of the window that what is happening in the building is expressed on the facade. Defined by a regular frame, each filling takes a particular shape. The accommodations have a large double window door installed in a section of brick wall. The offices are generously lit by a horizontal bay reminiscent of the workshop windows and placed on a brick sill. The shops have large picture windows. Finally, the third place 'Le Pressoir' opens onto the street with double-height glazing.

All these openings, which allow you to modulate the relationship outside, are embellished with climatic devices so that everyone can comfortably engage in their activities. The dwellings have louvre shutters of perforated metal to provide shade or find privacy while keeping in touch with the outside. The offices are protected from the sun by fixed inclined sunshades evoking blinds. At the attics level, the penthouses for housing and offices can take advantage of the terraces in the shade of the awning. Shops are equipped with metallic perforated curtains which protect against intrusion while allowing you to see the contents of the windows. "Le Pressoir" also has large perforated curtains. Like a diverted hangar, these curtains make it possible to invent different staging of the facade on the street. They also provide modular sun protection. Inside, the central space surrounded by mezzanines is also configurable at will thanks to double height scenic curtains which allow the creation of sub-spaces and modulate the acoustics.