152 co-living housing units


Project: Competition for Zac Paris Rive Gauche, lot M9B1
Program: 152 shared housing units, common areas, wooden structure
Client: SEMAPA
Architects: REI / ICADE, Parc architectes, KOZ, Elioth, Georges
Status: Private competition 2017

The project is designed as a large frame, erecting on 11 floors. It evokes New York's frame buildings or large industrial workshops. Its design makes it recyclable, adaptable and resilient. Today it is a co-living apartment building, tomorrow it will be a mixed residential and office building.
The balconies that extend the common areas to the outside run along the facades from the street to the roof. On the building at the corner of the street the balconies are connected by stairs allowing to go from terrace to terrace.


The project's skyline, with deep faults, creates breakthroughs between the street and the heart of the block. The through porch allows passers-by to see the activities taking place in the garden from the street. The division of the volume into terraces offers residents hanging outdoor spaces in the neighborhood. The garden, terraces and balconies will be planted and equipped with insect hotels to generate a point of biodiversity.

At the start of the 21st century, lifestyles are changing. In search of more social exchanges, the younger generations are looking for accommodation where sharing is at the heart of the organization. Collocation is becoming a new topic for housing architecture. The stake is economic and social. We share spaces and services to share their cost. Living rooms, kitchens and creative spaces are larger and better equipped than that of an individual apartment. The common areas are spaces of intense conviviality while the individual apartments are optimized to be offering maximum comfort in a rational surface and thus having an adapted rent.

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